Dried Alfalfa Grass juice Powder

Dried Alfalfa Grass juice Powder

Product Name: Alfalfa Grass Powder
Part Used: Fruit
Drying Method: Freeze drying/spray drying
Color: Brown
Application: Food additives 


Alfalfa Grass Powder Product Description

Product Name: Alfalfa grass Powder
Latin Name: Medicago

Part Used: Leaf
Drying Method: Freeze drying
Appearance: Loose powder, no lumps, no visible impurities.
Color: Brown
Odor: Natural alfalfa flavor

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Brief Introduction

Alfalfa powder is made from fresh alfalfa (Medicago) with high technology. Alfalfa powder contains large amounts of iron in alfalfa, so it can be used as a supplementary food for the treatment of anemia, vitamin B ingredients of Alfalfa in the treatment of malignant anemia; in addition, alfalfa also contains vitamin K has hemostatic effect, commonly used to treat people or stomach bleeding hemorrhoids, some recipes use it to cure stomach or hemorrhoids intestinal hemorrhage. 


For beverage industry.

For health products.

For food, desserts, ice cream, cakes, candy, spices, etc.

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