Freeze Dried Pumpkin Juice Powder

Freeze Dried Pumpkin Juice Powder

Product Name: Pumpkin Powder
Part Used: Fruit
Drying Method: Freeze drying/spray drying
Color: Yellow
Application: Beverages, food additives 


Pumpkin Powder Product Description

Product Name: Pumpkin powder

Latin Name: Cucurbita Moschata Duch.

Part Used: Fruit
Drying Method: Freeze drying
Appearance: Loose powder, no lumps, no visible impurities.
Color: Yellow
Odor: Natural pumpkin flavor

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Brief Introduction

Pumpkin powder is made from fresh pumpkin. It Use advanced spray or freeze drying technology with fresh banana pulp.  Pumpkin has one kind of Beta carotene. Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect, can effectively protect the body from some oxygen free radicals and peroxide damage. It also can reduce the incidence of lung cancer and reduce the mortality of lung cancer.


For beverage industry.

For health products.

For food, desserts, ice cream, cakes, candy, spices, etc.

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