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2018 Dongyu brand alliance will end satisfactorily
Jan 24, 2018

In from January 12 to 14, 2018, the 2018 Dongyu brand franchiser's marketing conference was held in Xi'an hotel.


The year of 2018 was the breakthrough of the development of Dongyu brand, and the people of Dongyu believed that "happiness is all struggled". When the new year, people gathered in the Dongyu of the ancient city of Xi'an, to discuss the brand business development, shared store marketing methods of change.

"How big the heart is and how big the stage is" is the key to deciding whether or not a person is successful or not. In the new 2018, Dongyu people, in the mindset of mindfulness, confidence and advancing hand in hand, invited a senior manager, Mr. Gao Rong, to carry out thematic training for eight successful minds.



Vice president of marketing that carried out on 2018 Su Dong Yu brand theme marketing work by Su total comb. Dung Yu home people engaged in tea industry to further clear the advantages of firm and orpro brand cooperation and win-win belief.


Starting from the specific ways of how to sell and how to sell, the goal of tea knowledge specialization, sales and service capabilities is further improved. 2018, cooperation and win-win, we have a hundred times confidence!


The director of marketing, Gao Jing, carried out a new exhibition of 2018 Dongyu products, and put forward the four principles of design work in 2018: product image unification, product sale differentiation, product experience refinement and product use channelization.


At the same time, starting from the characteristics of "the most popular industry in the future", the confidence of dongyujia people in the tea industry and the cooperation with the Dongyu brand are determined.


At noon of January 14th, the two day monopoly conference was successfully closed. The people of Dongyu family have deeply felt the growing strength of their family and have expressed their benefit and confidence. More determined to forget the beginning of the heart,beliefs and dreams for common development! 2018, we come!!!