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Chinese premium flavored Green Tea Gunpowder tea
Sep 27, 2017

Gunpowder tea, is one of rosted green tea. It is also called "Ping Chaoqing originates from" water town in Zhejiang province Shaoxing county. Pearl tea is mainly produced in Shaoxing, Yuyao, Shengzhou, Xinchang, Yinzhou, Shangyu, Fenghua, Dongyang and other counties.

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Gunpowder tea has thin cord round tight and heavy, uniform size. It smells luster Ukraine smooth and high pure aroma, mellow taste. The tea infusion is  bright yellow green.

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The history of gunpowder tea: 

The natural Gunpowder tea use the one bud and one bud with four or two leaves. The shoots are made of longer leaves. Gunpowder tea has a long history. As early as one thousand years ago, the water level of tea district including Zhejiang, Shaoxing, Xiaoshan, Zhuji, county, Tiantai, Fenghua and other ten counties.The environment here is very good. High dimensional, high altitude and mild climate, especially suitable for tea production.

The methord of making gunpowder tea:


There are three functions of fixing. Firstly, it completely destroys enzyme activity and maintains chlorophyll. Secondiy, it can release moisture and grass gas. Thirdly, it can promote the formation of inclusions. Because of a decrease in water content of tea, tea will become soft, which is convenient for rolling and shaping.



The features of gunpowder tea:

Gunpowder green tea is known as "green pearl", the main market include northwest Africa, the United States, France and so on. The "Tiantan Gunpowder tea" was awarded the gold award at the twenty-third world quality food competition in Madrid, Spain, in 1984.