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Do you drink tea in right way
Dec 07, 2017

If you want to drink tea, you must know something about tea. The chatacter of each kind of tea is different, we must choose the suitable tea.


Chinese tea is divided into Green Tea, Black Tea, Yellow tea, White tea, Oolong tea and Dark tea. These six kinds of tea have different character. So that the impact on the human body is also different.

For example, in the cold winter, you can drink more tea with warm chatacter. In spring and summer season, you can drink more green tea and flower tea.

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What kind of tea should man and women drink most? 

The tea suitable for the old

Many elderly people worry that drinking tea will cause calcium deficiency. In fact, as long as they don't drink too much tea and drink more milk and tofu, the loss of calcium can be completely restored. After they get older, they can drink more black tea.

The tea suitable for children

Children can also drink a little light tea, which is beneficial to growth and their body.

The tea suitable for man

Men drink for more than three years of green Tea ,Pu'er and Oolong Tea. Especially the Wuyi yan tea,.known as the "man to drink tea".

The tea suitable for the woman

Women can drink some high quality green tea. It has the effect of beauty and body. However,  during the menstruation and pregnancy, we should control the amount of tea.

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