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Apr 12, 2018

Antioxidant tests confirmed that a cup of tea300 ml, its antioxidant function = a half bottle of red wine, = 12 bottles of white wine, = 12 beers, = 4 apples, = 5 Onions, only = 7 cups of fresh orange juice. The more tea, the more beautiful!

Japan's national cancer cente published research data on green tea and prostate disease, show that men often drinking green tea get the lower disease rate than men  less drinking  by 60% or more.



The epidemiological study conducted in Japan showed that 10 small cups of tea daily, the risk index of cardiovascular disease in men and the ratio of drinking less than three cups a day could be reduced by 42% and women could be reduced by 18%.



The medical research group in Japan's Zhao he University was placed in a 1/20 concentration of tea polyphenol solution diluted in 1 ml to normal tea. 10000 highly toxic Escherichia coli were placed in 0-157, and all the bacteria died after five hours, and none of them were left. Effective antivirus, protect the stomach.