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Function of Chrysanthemum flower
Dec 15, 2017

New winter is coming, new Chrysanthemum flower is coming.

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Scientists have found that chrysanthemum has a good role in protecting eyes and eyesight.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that chrysanthemum is sweet, sweet, bitter and slightly cold. It has the function of clearing heat, calming  the liver. 



Drinking chrysanthemum could smooth the liver and improving eyesight, eliminate toxin and effectively increase the metabolism of human body, expel excess excrement and waste from the body, protect the skin clean effectively, and also play the role of moist skin. Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which can protect the skin, at the same time, keep your cheerful.

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Drinking Dongyu Chrysanthemum flower, take a one or two flower and put in the cup, brewing with pure water after warm cup, staying for three to five minutes and then drink,it is sweet, mellow, smooth, cool sweet, there is no need to add sugar. It can be brewed four or five times

Because chrysanthemum contains chlorogenic acid, it can be oxidized and turn green in the air with long time staying.  Especially if water with  high mineral content, it will be greener when brewing,but it is harmless to human body.


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Chrysanthemum is good, but remember not drink excessively. For daily drinking, one or two roses is enough.