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Green tea Secrets
Aug 31, 2017

The solar term is the hottest period of the year. It's very helpful for you to drink more green tea at this time.

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Wash your face with green tea"


Although the heat season, sometimes we need to go out to work. Under the influence of high temperature, it will soon sweat. After a day of running, the sweat on the face did not stop. When I wash my face at night, my face is very painful.At this time, use proper temperature of green tea water to wash your face. It can help you cool greasy and repair sunburn. A few more times, "little fresh."!

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Loss of appetite? DIY green tea rice

Keep your appetite open


When the weather gets hot, people lose their appetite. Eating can also be badly affected and become irregular. Many people like to eat ice cream, frozen soda in the summer, and stomach discomfort seems to be getting more frequent. Actually, green tea is not only pleasant to drink, but also fresh to eat. It's worth trying in terms of boosting your appetite.

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 Making method:

Use the water soaked in green tea to cook rice, and you can also boil the tea leaves together. When cooked, bring the rice into a wide bowl. Sprinkle some green tea, then mix it evenly, add salt and sesame seeds, and cover for 5-10 minutes.

To be fully Green Tea scent after opening the lid, put on the dried meat floss, and then evenly stirred. You can enjoy the refreshing "green tea rice".

This green leaves help us cool and stay healthy. Go and have a try!