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Information of green coffee bean extract
Mar 29, 2018

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract is a phenylpropion compound which is produced by shikimic acid pathway in aerobic respiration. It is also called coffee tannic acid, which is composed of various isomers. Chlorogenic acid is easy to dissolve in water, ethanol, acetone, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate, and is a light yellow solid at normal temperature.

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The ingredients of Green coffee


There is a particularly strong bitterness that stimulates the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system. Moderate caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue and promote digestive juices. Because it promotes the kidney function, has diuretic action, helps the body to excrete the surplus sodium ion in the body. But too much of it can lead to caffeine poisoning.


After boiling, the tannins break down into a pyrolytic acid, so the stale coffee tastes worse.


The main one is acid fat and volatile fat.

Acid fat

That is, fats contain acids, which vary depending on the type of coffee.

Volatile fat

The main source of the aroma of coffee, it is one of about forty aromatic substances.


The main source of calories is not high. The protein at the end of the coffee is not soluble when it is brewed, so the intake is limited.


Coffee beans contain about 8 percent sugar, and most of the sugar is converted to caramel after baking, making the coffee brown and combining with tannin to produce a sweet taste.


Raw bean fiber is carbonized after baking, and caramel is combined to form the color tone of the coffee.


Contains a small amount of lime, iron, phosphorus, sodium carbonate and so on.

Effect of Green Coffee 

reducing weight

Animal in vitro studies have demonstrated that the green coffee chlorogenic acid reaches a certain concentration, can not reversible inhibition of glucose - 6 - hydrolysis of phosphatase, reduce liver glycogen decomposition and reduce the absorption of exogenous glucose, promote the body break down fat in the body to replenish energy, in order to achieve the effect of fat.

Antihypertensive effect

Chlorogenic acid has obvious hypotensive effect, and its curative effect is stable, non-toxic side effect;

Antitumor action

It has remarkable efficacy in preventing and treating nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and has remarkable efficacy in treating tumor, and has the characteristics of low toxicity and safety. Japanese scholars study the effect of chlorogenic acid on anti-mutation and reveal the preventive effect on tumor.

Invigorate the kidney and enhance the immune function of the body.

Anti - oxidation, anti - aging, resistance as bone aging.

Antibacterial, antivirus, diuretic, cholerae, blood lipids, the function of the puncture.

Health food

Can make health food sweet and delicious taste good, have clear heat detoxification, nourishing the skin, remove too many alcoholic drinks and so on characteristic.