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oolong tea
Sep 02, 2017

In Fujian dialect, "Wulong" means "in disorderly fashion". So, in football, kicking the ball into your goal is also called a "oolong  shot."". Why such a good tea was called "tea in disorderly fashion"?


There is a legend. When tea farmer picking tea leaves in the mountains, he puts the tea fresh leaves into the bamboo basket, and then backs down the mountain.

As the mountain path was rough, the basket on his back shook up and down as he went down the mountain. The tea leaves in the basket are shaking, and when the fresh leaves collide, they send forth a scent of flowers. Tea farmers used this accidental discovery to make tea processing, and later formed a special "shake green" process. At that time, the natural science developed, farmers can not explain the mysterious phenomenon, so this tea is known as "oolong tea", is "disorderly fashion tea", oolong tea has become the popular name of this tea.

Oolong Tea, also known as green tea, created in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Anxi tea is a kind of Oolong tea developed according to the preparation method of green tea. It was introduced to Fujian and Guangdong, and then introduced into Taiwan.



Oolong Tea belongs to semi fermented tea, is Chinese several kinds of tea. It has unique characteristics distinct category.

Oolong tea is a kind of tea with excellent quality after being processed, withered, carved, waved, green, semi fermented and baked. Oolong tea has their own   unique method of brewing. And brewing skills will lead to different tastes of tea. Oolong tea, as well as "slimming tea" and "fitness tea", has been well received by the public.