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Tea manufacturer supply USDA certificate organic green tea Mee tea
Sep 29, 2017

Chunmee tea, is one of the green tea treasures. The shape of the dried tea is tight and the shape is neat. The surface of the dried tea looks grey green, covered with a layer of frost. After the tea is brewed, its aroma is very mellow. Because the shape of a dry tea is like a woman's eyebrows, it is called "Mee tea".


Chunmee tea originated in Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi provinces, the junction of the place. For example, Xiuning, Tunxi, Yixian and Shexian in Anhui provinces, Wuyuan in Jiangxi province and Jiande,Kaihua and chunan in  Zhejiang province.

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In China, there are many places to produce Chunmee tea,. Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces are the main places for the production of Chunmee tea,Chunmee tea is the most stable and widespread consumption of tea.

Types of Chunmee tea:

Five types: Zhenmei, Zhenmei, Xiumei, Gongxi and Xiamu.

Method for making Chunmee tea:

The standard for picking fresh leaves of Chunmee tea is the beginning of a bud, a leaf and a bud, and two leaves. The selection are relatively stout shoots selected the strong bud leaf fertilizer. The processing technique of Chunmee tea is six steps. Spreading, fixing, rolling, casting, baking pan fry, bake complex six refined processes.

Different provinces of Chunmee tea, quality is also different. Chunmee tea is known as "world tea treasures."