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The best time for tea
Feb 02, 2018

As we all know, drinking tea is good for health, especially for a long time to drink tea.

The secret of keeping tea with tea is to master the best time to drink tea and drink the right tea in the right time.

The best time for tea are as below.

1.Tea in the morning.

After a whole night's rest, the body consumed a lot of water and the concentration of blood increased. Drinking a cup of light tea not only can quickly replenish the body's need for water, cleanse the stomach and intestines, but also can reduce blood pressure, dilute blood and health, and can also play a preventive and therapeutic role in constipation.

But be careful, do not drink strong tea in the morning when drinking tea, lighter than the daily tea.

It is better to drink black tea in the morning, because black tea can promote blood circulation in the body, and can also remove the cold gas in the body, so that the blood supply of the brain is sufficient. Drink a cup of black tea every day after breakfast and drink it with milk.

It should be noted that in the morning, tea must be eaten after breakfast, because tea contains caffeine. If it is fasting, it will absorb too much caffeine, causing the body to appear uncomfortable symptoms such as flustered and frequent micturition.


2.Tea at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Tea in the afternoon, to the body can play a conditioning role, enhance the body's resistance, but also to prevent cold.

At this time drinking tea is the most important time of the day, and is also known as the afternoon tea. For some "three high" people, if they insist on drinking afternoon tea, it can achieve the effect of promoting health and stabilizing the physiological state.

The best drink tea or afternoon is Green Tea. The human body under normal circumstances in the midday strong anger, or drink Green Tea tea can alleviate the symptoms.

Tea polyphenols in green tea are the most abundant, and the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects are obvious. And tea is rich in vitamin E, which is resistant to aging.



3.Tea at about 8:30 in the evening.

There are many people who are misunderstood about drinking tea at night. They are afraid of sleeping. In fact, this time is the most active time of human immune system. If you can drink a cup of tea, the human body will easily repair and restore the immune system and rebuild cells.

Tea recommendation

It is recommended to drink less thick tea, the content of caffeine in thick tea has a certain stimulus to the nerve, which will affect sleep to a certain extent, so it is suggested to drink a little bit in the evening.

You can choose to drink dark tea, especially Pu'er. The nature of Pu'er is warm and pure, and it will not affect the normal sleep of the human body. And after dinner drink tea, both the stomach and help digestion, long-term drinking, can also keep fit.