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The function of old white tea
Dec 10, 2018

As the saying goes: "old white tea is a treasure, drink the virus to drive away." In all seasons of a year, the person has the disease of half is in spring get, accordingly, winter is a good season that keeps in good health, today we talk about old white tea together, want everybody to insist to drink soup of this old white tea red date only, can reduce the incidence of a cold greatly, for the whole family does not fall ill.

white tea soup

White tea is known as "one year of tea, three years of medicine, seven years of treasure". White tea will become more beneficial to human body over time. The principle is that after white tea is aged, its polyphenols are continuously oxidized and converted into higher content of flavonoids, theanine, caffeine and other components.

white tea

Studies show that flavonoids have the effect of lowering blood lipid, blood pressure, antioxidant, anti-aging, beauty, anti-cancer and so on. Theanine has the functions of nerve protection, sedation, emotion regulation, memory improvement, anti-tumor, liver protection, hypoglycemic, anti-fatigue, anti-virus and so on. Caffeine has diuretic, detumescence, detoxification and other effects. Vitamins C and E have special function of radiation protection. This is the function of old white tea.s 

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