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The relationship between tea and cancer
Sep 06, 2018

Do you know the relationship between tea and cancer? These are real data! Before drinking tea, be sure to check out these shocking facts!

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1. 3 billion people love tea in 160 countries and regions

At present, nearly 3 billion people in more than 160 countries and regions around the world like to drink tea, which means that three countries like to drink tea every four countries, and two people like to drink tea for every five people they know.

2. China produces 1.98 million tons of tea per year, with 566g per capita

In 2014, China produced 1.98 million tons of tea, the world's largest tea production country, accounting for 39.4 percent of the global output. However, there is little use for it. According to statistics from Quartz, China's per capita tea consumption is 566g, and it was beaten more than five times by Turkey (3157g), which ranked 19th globally.

3. The average person in guangdong drinks 1000g of tea, and the pearl river delta is as high as 2000g

Huang yafei, dean and doctoral supervisor of south China agricultural university, said that guangdong is the largest tea consumption market in China, with an average per capita consumption of 1,000 grams. Among them, the annual per capita consumption in the pearl river delta region is as high as 2,000 grams, ranking the first in the country, exceeding the per capita consumption in the UK and ranking the third in the global ranking.

4. The 3,000 years of tea history was defeated by the non-tea producing British tea brands

China is the hometown of tea, which has been used for tea drinking since the xia, shang and zhou dynasties 3,000 years ago. Today, however, the largest tea brand in the world is in the UK, where no tea is produced. As a porter of tea, the British national tea brand has an annual output value of 23 billion RMB per year, almost equal to 76 percent of the annual output value of China's entire tea industry (70,000 tea plants).

5.You need 60,000 to 80,000 buds per jin of budding tea

A catty of good bud tea has 60,000-80,000 buds, all picked by the girl's two fingers, which is the reason for the high price of the tea.

6. Longevity of tea: the secret of longevity of centenarians

A survey of centenarians has found that the secret to four or more centenarians is a lifelong love of tea, and eight out of ten centenarians drink tea. Longevity reaches 108 years, which is called "tea longevity" by the longevity research institute.

7. Antioxidant: one cup of tea =12 bottles of white wine

Antioxidant tests confirmed that a 300ml cup of tea, whose antioxidant function is equal to one and a half bottles of red wine, is equal to 12 bottles of white wine, 12 cups of beer, 4 apples, 5 Onions, and 7 cups of fresh orange juice. Remember, the more you drink, the better!

8. Anti-aging: 18 times better than vitamin E

Tea polyphenols are 18 times more anti-aging than vitamin E, according to Japanese researchers.

9. Lose weight: drink 8-10 grams of tea every day, lose fat about 3 jin

Do not need any diet, exercise and other means, drink 8-10 grams of tea every day, within 12 weeks, the effect of tea alone to lose about 3 jin of fat.

10.Boost immunity

The tea research institute of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences has conducted thousands of tests on immunity, cancer, alcoholism, weight loss, blood lipids, mating and other aspects of mice. We drink tea less sick, mother more at ease.