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Two misconceptions about drinking tea
Nov 30, 2017

Although China can be called the "country of tea", the interviewing experts say there are still two misunderstandings about tea drinking.


First thing is that the better the more expensive tea is.

Now more and more high prices of tea, in addition to meet the needs of people's taste, is a symbol of identity.

Zhao Yingli, a famous Chinese tea scholar, said: "the price of tea is determined by quality and level."

Quality mainly refers to the origin and tree species of tea, "for example, everyone knows West Lake's Longjing is good."

The grade refers to picking time and the position of tree. One bud, one leaf a bud and two leaves on the difference between the price a lot, also in Longjing, before Qingming picking Mingqian tea is the most expensive."

In fact, the people do not need to buy high-grade tea, which can be chosen according to the individual's economic ability and different tastes. " It is suggested that you pay more attention to its quality rather than its level when you buy it. Some high levels of tea picking time is too early and too tender, while a part of the tea is just in the stem, and some cheap tea has better health. "

Second thing is just drinking tea and not tasting tea.

There are two kinds of tea, one is the "daily necessities daily necessaries tea,"  and other is a poem of tea fancies of men of letters ".

The first kind of tea can meet people "self-cultivation" needs, such as thirst, refreshing, excrement, and digestion;

Second kinds of tea can satisfy people's needs, such as "Yangxin" lyric, etiquette, enlightenment etc.

Tea for people is the largest value of Yangxin based, supplemented by health. Especially middle-aged people, their work is busy and in high pressure. They should give themselves a little time, patiently soak a pot of tea.People are easy to make a wrong decision when they are irritable. It is also good to make a pot of tea slowly, and then make a decision.