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Why drink more tea in autumn
Aug 31, 2018

Tea is the best way to clear up the stomach and intestines during daily life. Tea can eliminate fat and eliminate greasy, supplement vitamin and cellulose, help gastrointestinal detoxification and peristalsis, and discharge accumulated toxins in the intestines.


1.Drinking tea can prevent and relieve "autumn dryness"

Autumn is dry, the first signal is to get up in the morning the throat begins to ache, serious person still has a nose to be sensitive, the skin is dry, the hair is withered, cold cough, shed nosebleed and so on. Pure plain water, hydrating dryness effect is obviously weaker than tea, and the beneficial components in tea, on the various discomfort autumn dryness and "treatment" role.

When girls' skin hydrates in autumn, they should not only rely on skin care products to hydrate, but also pay attention to the body to hydrate, and the "water retention" work (isolation or moisturizing oil) of the skin can start as soon as possible, so as not to replenish the moisture is inadvertently taken away by "autumn dryness".

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2.Tea nourishes the lungs

Chinese medicine believes that autumn ling and lung qi corresponding, lung main gas, the department of breathing, opening the nose. Dry autumn easily causes respiratory system discomfort, tea in the right amount of honey, can embellish the lung. Of course, drinking tea is not so simple, there are a lot of stress, different seasons, the tea is also different, including different groups of people are also different.

There is an old saying, called "spring flower tea, summer green tea, autumn green tea, winter black tea", the four seasons suitable for drinking tea made a summary. But the world has no absolute, along with the climate change and individual difference, actually suitable autumn tea kind is not little, you can choose the tea that suits you best.