Mactha Green Tea Powder Ceremonial Grade

Mactha Green Tea Powder Ceremonial Grade

English name: Matcha green tea powder
Latin Name: Matcha
Specification: 200~1000 Mesh
Function:Nutrtional minerals Use Part: Leaf
Appearance: Green fine powder


Product Information

English name: Matcha green tea powder

Latin Name: Matcha

Specification: 200~1000 Mesh

Function:Nutrtional minerals Use Part: Leaf

Appearance: Green fine powder

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Product Description

1. Our matcha is planted and produced in China, being free of rediation. For two to three weeks in early March, the tea plants are covered to reduce shade avoiding more catachin which is bitter, and increase the quantity of amino acid L-theanine in the tea leaf. The earliest spring leaves are then harvested and stone ground producing a tea that energizes and relaxes at the same time. The powder is then mixed with hot water and whisked into a frothing oxygenated beverage.

2. Our matcha is made of tender fresh tea leaves. Use the plastic membrane covering over tea trees to shelter against the sun,which could increase the tea's chlorophyll by 60%, amino acids by 40% and make matcha less bitter and more green.The process procedure is of  steaming the fresh leaves, drying, and grinding into micro powder.

3. Due to the materials choice and unique production process, our matcha is more green than other green tea powder, the taste is more fresh and fascinating and the flavor lasts long.


Our advantages:

1. our tea plantattion is located in the most north in China, which give the tea leaf more growing period and richer contents .Matcha contains rich nutrients and trace elements, the main component is tea polyphenols, caffeine, free amino acids, chlorophyll, protein,cellulose, vitamin C, A, B1, B2,B3, B5, B6, E, K, H,potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, selenium, fluorine, etc,nearly 30 kinds.

2. The cold wheath in north of China can ensure that no chemical pestsides be used in tea planting process.

3. we do not use chemical fertilizers in our tea plantation.



1.It can mixed with milk and sugar as a drink.

2.It is used as flavouring in food , such as chocolates, candy, and desserts, such as cakes and pastries,including Swiss rolls and cheesecake,cookies, pudding, mousse, and green tea ice cream.

3 .Matcha can be used in numerous healthfood products.

4. You can drink matcha powder directly without milk and sugar. Such as tea ceremony.   

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