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2017Dongyu Franchise Marketing Conference
Aug 18, 2017

2017 Dong brand franchise marketing conference held successfully


From August 11 to13,2017, Dong brand franchise marketing conference was held in Xi'an Qin long Springs Hotel.




In June 2017, Dong brand “ green tea Hanzhong xianhao ”value assessment is about of 2 billion 77 million yuan, seventeenth among China's tea region public brand.

In the coming autumn and winter season, Dong Yu family have the conference, share the  market operation of business.


General manager Zhang Weiguo share: Dongyu moving ahead in opposite direction.



Marketing director Gao Jing share:

Dongyu brand promotion, new selling point training.




Vice president of marketing share:

Dong brand franchise store marketing program



 Marketing Manager Sun Wei share:

Dialogue between suppliers, service providers and vendors




Knowledge about health tea



Dongyu tea moon cakes will be on sale



Franchise store sharing

Successful sales experience



Zhang Weiguo, the managing director, made a summary of the meeting




At the end of the conference, the general manager Zhang Weiguo stressed, "you always know the right thing and that, hold your hand, and grow old with you." This is the basic principle of Dong Yu brand franchise and monopoly business cooperation.


Dongyu people, from the beginning to the end, implement spirit of a professional, dedicated, single-minded, adhering to the production and management philosophy "professional shape, quality, perseverance, integration of the future", and make every effort to mold the brand, the pursuit of our common dream!