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An Unforgettable Tea Trip In Dongyu Tea Garden
Sep 22, 2018

This article is based on Mr. Fang's experience after visiting dongyu tea garden.

Fang Yingwen, contemporary writer, vice-chairman of shaanxi writers association. Zhen 'an man, born in 1958, graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of northwest university in 1983. Writing with writing brush. He is the author of a variety of works of five million words, with the full-length novel "falling red" "the garden behind" the most influential. He has published more than ten collections of essays and short stories. Now he has settled in xi 'an.

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A day without tea is a day without custom. So Mr. Zhang weiguo invited me to visit his eco-tea garden in xianxian, southern shaanxi, and I readily agreed, although I was very busy. The tea garden is deep in the north slope of daba mountain in southern shaanxi, thousands of miles away from chang 'an.

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The thousand acres ecological tea garden run by Mr. Zhang weiguo consists of five mountains. Although the elevation is high and there are clouds and clouds, it has the feeling of not being seen in the mountains. It was the weekend when hundreds of primary and middle school students went to the mountains to pick tea. As a result, the peaceful tea mountain became noisy, like the noise of frogs in the pond. Funny thing: dozens of cattle mixed with dozens of sheep are weeding the tea hills.  

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After coming down the mountain, in the courtyard of dongyu tea processing factory, we began to taste tea, and there were many people drinking tea. The tea that was brewed was neither the top grade of "dongyu" brand, nor dongyu hair tip, but the popular dongyu Fried green tea. This may be related to the freshness of the tea and the sweetness of the water in the mountain cloud environment.