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Delicious Tea Mooncakes With Tea Powder
Aug 18, 2018

The Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the August festival, the month worship festival, the daughter's day or the reunion festival, is popular in China's many national traditional cultural festivals. Lunar August 15. Influenced by Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn festival is also a traditional festival in some east and southeast Asian countries, especially the local Chinese and overseas Chinese.

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn festival has had the custom of offering to the moon, appreciating the moon, worshiping the moon, eating the moon cake, appreciating the osmanthus flower and drinking the osmanthus flower wine. 

To this end, our company combined the tea extracts we produced with mooncakes to make delicious tea mooncakes. 

tea moon cake-2.jpg

Rose mooncake with black tea flavor
Rose flowers have a rich and sweet fragrance, containing a variety of vitamins and other substances conducive to human health. The delicious fusion of black tea and rose, its taste pleasant fragrance, refreshing, sweet and crisp entrance, lips and teeth flow between the faint aroma really aftertaste infinite.

tea moon cake-4.jpg

White tea milky mooncake
Add white tea to make the whole mooncake more fragrant, mix with strong light cream. The cream sauce is golden and creamy. Grind the white tea powder into the flour, so that the tea polyphenols and flour mix better, healthy and not greasy, a mouthful full of flavor and endless aftertaste. The skin of mooncake iscrisp and fragrant. The fragrance comes from the inside and the outside.

tea moon cake-3.jpg

Characteristics of tea mooncakes 

1.unique taste, delicious not greasy.

2.Tradition and fashion combine, delicious and healthy.

3.Season with tea powder and knead the dough with tea powder

4.Use tea seed oil instead of regular salad oil.