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Dong Brand Green Tea Won The Gold Medals
Apr 23, 2017

On April 21st, the third session of the Asia Pacific Tea awards results was released, "Dong" brand green tea hanzhong xianhao and roasted Green Tea were awarded the golden and silver award! 



On March 1st, the Third Asia Pacific Tea awards launched a tea sample collection in the country, and received more than 200 tea samples. In April 18th, the famous tea experts Yu Guanting, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tea Research Institute deputy director Lu Chengyin, the middle peasants to promote tea industry committee deputy director Feng Huaisong, senior tea master Lv Xianjun and other experts and seven public review, two media representatives,  inspected the tea samples and made the final selection of special gold and silver award and other awards.

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The tea experts praised the "Dong" brand green tea  Hanzhong xianhao"shaped beautiful, the color green, with nice fragrant, mellow taste and healthy", "Dong" brand is the best Green Tea in China.

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"Dong"brand green tea got golden medals for 10 consecutive years On Chinese Beijing International Tea Expo. On April 2013, Dong brand green tea won Gold Medal on the thirty-first Panama International Tea Expo ;  the company won " brand building special contribution award" in 2013; in 2015 was praised and named as “Chinese best tea ”by the State Council Counselors' Office Huading Ancient Chinese Literature Search Research Foundation.

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