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Dong Yu Brand News Conference And The New Board Listed Brokerage Started Signing Ceremony Has Been Held
Apr 13, 2017

In the afternoon of April 13th, "Dong Yu" brand news conference and the new board listed brokerage started signing ceremony was held in Xi'an. This event is sponsored by Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Huoshi brand planning Co., Ltd., Shaanxi 107.8 Chayue Changan, Shaanxi Tea Industry Promotion Association and Hangzhou tea news magazine Co organizer.


There are many people coming to the meeting this time. Many of them left their signatures.


Wang Zhengjun, chairman of the Shaanxi company, expressed a warm welcome to the guests at the beginning of the meeting.


Many of the meeting leaders delivered an important speech.

National Equities Exchange and Quotations listing brokerage signing ceremony.


TNational Equities Exchange and Quotations with the responsibility and courage to try the eastern margin of the company. The purpose is to achieve docking with the capital market and enter the capital market. Their aims are borrow capital market, get better resources, promote the business market development and enterprises to further expand the market. They are committed to affecting the tea industry in Shaanxi, and create a new platform for business in Shaanxi.