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Dongyu Advertising CCTV First Broadcast
Jul 28, 2018

Warm congratulations on the official advertising of Dong Yu Bio-tech Company , CCTV's first broadcast.

Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Inc official advertising video will arrive at CCTV-7 on the morning of 7:00 to 7:03 in July 30th. "Focus on agriculture, rural areas and farmers" news column for the first time!

2 minutes of micro recording form highlights on Dongyu ingenuity, welcome tea lovers to watch it!

tea material.jpg

Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Co., Ltd specialize in producing tea, tea extract, plant extract, vegetable and fruit powder, products are conformed by organic, koshered and halal, HACCP, ISO.


1. Own organic plantation, guarantee material pure and high qualified.

2. Water processing, solvent free.

3. Ensure organic from cultivation to customers’ hand