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Dongyu Company Won The First Hanzhoung Mayor Quality Award
Mar 01, 2018

In February 23rd, the municipal Party committee and municipal government of Hanzhoung held the Hanzhong Quality Conference

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In recent years, the Hanzhong municipal government has vigorously promoted the strategy of enhancing product quality, focusing on changing the way of development and improving the quality of development. In order to set up models to guide and inspire the in-depth implementation of quality strong city strategy in the city enterprises to strengthen quality management, enhance the ability of independent innovation and competitiveness, according to the relevant provisions of the "management measures" Hanzhong mayor quality award, with strict selection, Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Co., Ltd and other five companies awarded the first "Hanzhong city mayor Quality Award" honorary title, and 300 thousand yuan reward.

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Through multiple selection, Shaanxi Dongyu company ranks first, and the list is as follows:




- about Dongyu -



(1) having 3000 mu of its own tea garden, insisting on organic planting


Spring aerial photograph of Dongyu tea garden

 ECgreen tea powder.jpg

Spring aerial photograph of Dongyu tea garden

 tea plantation.jpg

Spring aerial photograph of Dongyu tea garden


2. The annual production of 500 tons of green tea cleaning and processing plant

The whole process of production adhered to organic




- the tea expert committee Counselors'Office of the State Council

Senior tea master Zhang Weiguo: General Manager full producer



From 2004 to 2018, the "DONG" brand of Hanzhong

Through the organic certification of the middle peasants in Hangzhou for 15 years

And ISO9001 international quality management certification and HACCP certification



Dongyu company won the first Hanzhong mayor Quality Award

It is inseparable from the strong support and approval of the government and the tea friends


Dongyu people will take everyone's expectations

In the Qinba Mountains, stick to the craftsman feelings

A model of north tea, Shaanxi card

To create a consistent Dong brand greea tea and tea extract, tea products.

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