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Dongyu Cooperates With COFCO -- Green Tea Polyphenols
Jul 17, 2017

In CPHI Shanghai held this June, COFCO group co., LTD visited our booth and shew great interest in our USDA and EU organic green tea extract. After inspection of samples and further talk, COFCO decided to purchase green tea extract material for one of her subsidiary cooperation in Tianjin, which specializes in developing and producing health care products.

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COFCO group co., LTD. (COFCO) is one of the big international leading global food dealer, is China's unique global layout, the whole industry chain, has the largest market and development potential of agriculture and grain and oil food enterprises, in the global demand for food producers and incremental set-up stable grain corridor between the biggest emerging markets.

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We visit warehouse of COFCO group co., LTD, and think about further cooperation in more field in the future. 

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Dongyu green tea extract:

1. Organic tea material, certified by USDA and EU.

2. Physical extract process, do not use chemical solvents.

3. 5000 Mu organic tea plantation for supporting material.

4. 10%-98% specifications, with big stock. 

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