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Dongyu Green Tea Extract Noodles Certified By Experts
Apr 10, 2017

On April, 2017,  Shaanxi Functional Food Engineering Technology Research Center and Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Co., Ltd  invite relevant experts to attend the meeting , discussing green tea noodle t formula, process and market feasibility.


 green tea matcha.jpg

Experts are: Liu Xuebo dean, professor from northwest agriculture and forestry university. Zhouling, PhD supervisor , from Xi 'an Jiaotong university.  Wang Yungang director, from Shaanxi science and technology department of science and technology.  Zhang weiguo,director of shaanxi  Dongyu Bio-tech Ltd., China tea expert committee, the national level the tea expert.


Add green tea powder to the green tea noodle recipe.There are rich polyphenols tea pigment,caffeine, tea polysaccharide, tea saponin in green tea. Long-term use of these physiological active factors could help inhibiting gastric cancer cells , colon cancer cells  and other cancers cells.It also has the function of anti-oxidation, radiation resistance, lower blood pressure, etc.



Dong yu green tea noodles

Experts inspect green tea noodle formula, process and product samples, and agreed that the development of green tea noodle is novel, formula is scientific,  craft is exquisite processing method is feasible , product color and appearance is nice, also in in high quality.  After tasting,they feel the noodles taste fresh tender green tea fragrance  with nutritious, suitable for the young and the old.


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