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Dongyu Products Pass The Halal Certification
Jun 07, 2018

Halal certification, or Halal, refers to food, medicine, cosmetics and food, medicine and cosmetics additives that meet the living habits and needs of muslims. In general, except for those prohibited by the Koran or those prohibited by a reliable and definite sermon, all other things are permitted to be enjoyed.


On the morning of June 5, 2018, dongyu green tea, black tea, tea polyphenol extract, tea powder, dongyu huangju and other 10 products passed the on-site verification of halal certification.



Halal certification, also known as Halal certification, is a recognition of food compliance in accordance with the living habits and doctrines of Muslim communities around the world. The Muslim population of the world is about 1.6 billion, accounting for 23% of the world's total population. The Muslim ethnic group believes in Islam and the Koran, and has a strict definition of diet. This certification will promote the company's international market development and promote related products to enter the world's diversified Muslim market.