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Dongyu Products Pass The Kosher Certification
Apr 29, 2018

On April 26, the jewish kosher official, the American jewish Mr. David, came to dongyu production factory, accompanied by Mr. Zhang weiguo, the general manager, to carry out kosher inspection.


Through the early stage of the series of application, coupled with the strict on-the-spot investigation, the east margin of black tea, green tea, green tea extract, tea, green tea powder, chrysanthemum, jasmine tea, black tea powder and other products passed Kosher certification.


Kosher certification

Kosher, which means "Kosher", clean, edible, refers to products related to the jewish diet. When it comes to food, it means that the food is in line with the jewish diet and can be accepted by people who believe in KOSHER foods.

KOSHER can also be understood as: k-keep, o-our, s-souls, h-healthy, e-eat, r-right, "in order to Keep Our soul Healthy, Eat properly".


Since China's entry into the world trade organisation, the kosher certificate has become another passport to the world's food industry in the face of China's growing food industry.

Dongyu products passed Kosher certification, marking the eastern margin products will be more international market acceptance and recognition, and for the export of tea industry in hanzhong city, shaanxi and even the whole country, due to contribute strength!