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Dongyu Tea Appraisers Training Class
Aug 10, 2018

On Aug.10, 2018, Dongyu Tea Appraisers training class is held. The course of training class is about one week.


Dongyu franchise from all over world attend the class and work hard for it. After study , they will know more knowledge about tea and will be more professional in this field.

tea class.jpg

Tea Appraisers, the ancient profession. In recent years, with the flourishing of tea ceremony, the tea Appraisers has once again entered the field of tea lovers.

It can use the basic theoretical knowledge of sensory evaluation of tea, such as tea biochemistry, tea varieties, tea making to analyze the quality characteristics and the causes of quality defects.

 At the same time, according to the cost of raw materials, market trends, formulate the best tea blending program, reduce costs, improve efficiency and other relevant instructions.

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