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Dongyu Tea Moon Cake Is On Sale
Jul 31, 2018

Tea moon cake is one kind of moon cakes , which is made with special tea powder and tea oil on the basis of moon cakes.


The biggest feature is "traditional fashion, delicious and healthy, characterized by the use of tea powder and flour, tea oil instead of ordinary salad oil for filling, and adding crushed tea in the stuffing. 

According to the kinds of tea added in the filling, it can be divided into the following flavors: Matcha moon cake,Tieguanyin moon cake, Pu’er moon cake, black tea moon cake, Oolong tea moon cake, flower tea moon cake, etc. And the same tea can be matched with different stuffing to make variety of flavors of tea moon cakes.

Chinese moon cake.jpg


Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn festival is coming, Dongyu organic foods - special tea moon cake is on sale. We have six flavors of moon cakes, green tea, black tea, white tea, Longjing, Pu’er, black tea and rose.


Dongyu organic moon cake is made of organic tea power and popular in Chinese Market.