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Dongyu Won The Double Honor Of China Quality Wanlixing
May 04, 2018

The quality embodies the human labor creation and the wisdom crystallization, reflects people's yearning for the good life! For enterprises, quality is the lifeblood of their survival and development. Both Dongyu company won the grassland, in February 2018, the first after the mayor award, the Dongyu company is "China Quality Wanlixing" market research center awarded the "national protect consumers' rights and interests integrity commitment unit", at the same time, the Dongyu han cents milli, hanzhong red series products, was named "quality qualified product of national definitive testing".

About Quality Wanlixing

As one of China's most influential social activities, for 16 years, China quality journey around the anti-counterfeit liuzhou, standardize the market, guide consumption, service enterprises, won the praise of consumers and the whole society.

About Dongyu company

In 2003, dongyu people in the deep bus mountain, opened a garden suitable for planting tea. 15 years, the Dongyu margin craftsman people stick to spirit between qinba mountains of tea lucky - hanzhong city xixiang, make tea, from growing, production, processing and sales link layers of the accused, adhere to the organic.

Since 2003, dongyu green tea and black tea have been approved by hangzhou zhongnong organic certification, HACCP certification and ISO9001 quality management system.


In 2017, dongyu series products will lay a solid foundation for export through organic certification in Europe and America.


In March 2018, we received a two-way affirmation of the quality of China's quality, which was strongly supported by the competent authorities of the state.