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Factory Worked On The Order Of Green Tea Extract On Holidays
Jun 02, 2017

Factory worked on the order of green tea extract on holidays


May 30th, Dragon Boat Festival, is one of Chinese traditional festival, on which Chinese people always commemorate to Qu Yuan. 


However, Dongyu Bio-tech factory does not take any vacations. The workers still make efforts to work on our new foreign order- 2 tons of green tea extract 30%. 


Dongyu Bio-tech’s green tea extract production line was built in 2013. Till now, we have produced more than 400 tons high quality green tea extracts of all specification. And exported to many foreign countries. 


On June 2017, we have passed USDA and EU organic certificate, from grow to sales, Which stands for a new milestone of Dongyu’s Product quality. 


Dongyu green tea extract advantages:


1. 3 millions of organic tea plantation supports organic material, guarantee the material quality form the source.

2. RO production technology ensure the product purity.

3. Without using any chemical solvents. No Solvent residue.

Passed USDA and EU.