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First Big Frost In This Winter 2017
Dec 21, 2017

First big frost in this winter 2017

In December 19, 2017, Dongyu sightseeing demonstration garden welcomed the first big frost in this winter, which is the precious gift of nature to Dong yu, predicting  next harvest year.

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Good conditions grows good tea. Dongyu tea garden is located in Han Zhong tea area, north of Qinling Mountains, South neighbored Bashan, known as the world factory of oxygen.

The climate in Hanzhong is warm and moist, the rainfall is abundant, and the growth cycle of tea tree is longer, so the tea contains rich organic matter, amino acid and tea polyphenols content is also moderate, it has the characteristics of refreshing, refreshing, durable and durable.


Dongyu tea material grow in north Jiangbei tea District, where the moderate annual average temperature, annual average minimum temperature is lowest, therefore frost is more.

 Now, the tea tree is still in the growing dormancy period. As long as it does not reach the extreme low temperature, the frost damage will not occur, and the growth of the tea tree will not cause adverse effects.

On the contrary, the low temperature weather is also beneficial to slow the growth of tea, and can precipitate more nutrients. It is very important for the improvement of tea quality. The cold weather is conducive to eliminate tea harmful insects and pupae, larvae, played the role of physical pest eradication, frost will melt into the soil , and provide the necessary water storage for the growth of tea plants.high end tea.jpg

    This morning, the temperature of the tea garden is 3 degrees below zero. Even though the temperature is not very low, Dongyu people still built an antifreeze net in the low-lying areas of the tea garden as early as possible, and did a good job of tea film mulching, so as to keep the tea trees warm and moisturized. 

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Good tea , good tea material, provide good condition for green tea extract, tea powder, matcha tea powder, and all our tea foods.

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