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Green Tea Extract Material Summer Production
Jul 24, 2017

In order to guarantee green tea extract production in the half of this year 2017, Dongyu green tea material factory works on the tea material the whole summer. This factory is located in the mountain with sea level of 2000 meters, high latitude and high sea level are suitable for tea growing.

 tea factory.jpg

The environment conditions in the mountains give the tea rich nutrition and high tea polyphenols, ensure that all tea plantations are organic, without using any chemical pesticides.

 tea powder.jpg

Picking-steam fixation-rolling-dry, simple process protect the tea nutrition and clean.

We store up about 2000 tons of organic tea material for the extract so that the quantity could meet the customers’ requests. We just use the tea material from our organic tea plantation. Will never purchase from outside to guarantee the high quality material sourcing.


Our tea plantation and products have been certificated by USDA and EU standard from planting to sales procedure. This ensure the qualified ingredients for you.

 catechins extract.jpg

By the way, we will attend 2017 CPHI Germany, our booth number is 10.1B32. Hope to see you there, and have the opportunity to cooperate. 

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