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How Many Tea Buds Does A Kilo Of Hanzhong Xianhao Have To Pick
Jul 03, 2016

How many buds does a kilo of Hanzhoung cents have to pick?

Many people praise Hanzhong Xianhao green tea is one of great tea in  the world. But they don’t know how much tea buds will take in one cup of tea. Tea workers need to  try their best to offer good appearance and high quality green tea available to everyone. Some people may know that a cup of tea requires a lot of tea buds, but they don't know how many tea buds are picked. How much effort do the workers need to pick a cup of tea?

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How many buds does a kilo of Hanzhoung cents have to pick? In order to find it, i did the experiment today. One grams of green tea needs One hundred and twelve tea buds  to make up. One kilo of green tea requires Fifty-six thousand buds. What a shocking thing it is!

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Although the rough fingers were covered with cocoons, the workers still did not stop working.

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Picking tea is a hard work.

In order to find a complete tea bud, you can not arbitrarily pinch tea. You need to put it lightly in the tea basket. Only in this way can the tea buds be protected from damage. Only in this way can the tea leaves be kept in good shape.

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Please treasure every cup of tea, all the precious things, always hard won!