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How To Grow Nice Chrysanthemum Tea
Aug 01, 2016

When summer comes, people always like to drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea. Sometimes people choose to have a cup of chrysanthemum tea in the morning. Sometimes people choose to have a cup of tea on a hot afternoon. Sometimes people like to have a cup of chrysanthemum tea at night.  When you look at the chrysanthemum tea in the water and the  the soup  gradually become clear, drink it, the mood will be much better immediately.

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Do you want to know how such a good chrysanthemum tea is grown? Do you want to know the secret? Let's explore the secrets of chrysanthemum tea growing together.

From April to June, it takes three months to transplant chrysanthemum seedlings into the fields. Only in this way, chrysanthemum seedlings can more fully absorb nutrients, and thrive.


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At three p.m. on the summer solstice, people began to plant chrysanthemum seedlings.

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We make full use of time to chrysanthemum seedlings in the ground, in order to let chrysanthemum seedlings absorb nutrients as soon as possible. 

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Some workers are planting chrysanthemums, and some workers are watering them. Everyone's work is well coordinated, and a lot of chrysanthemums are planted in the ground.


Workers need extra care when watering chrysanthemums. Because only in this way can we prevent the chrysanthemum seedlings from being bruised by the water pipes.

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From 3PM in the afternoon to the evening, after several hours of hard work, thousands of chrysanthemums were finally planted.

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It was getting dark, and the chrysanthemums in the fields were not clear. Several of the company's colleagues haven't had a rest. At present, there are more than 6 strains of chrysanthemum seedlings are not watered. Water is very important for chrysanthemum seedlings! At 9PM in the evening, it was completely dark, but the workers chose to keep watering the rest of the chrysanthemum seedlings.


With the light in the moonlight, the workers continued to water the chrysanthemum seedlings so that they could absorb the moisture quickly and they could grow better.

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Benefits of chrysanthemum

1. Against-cancer

2. Prevents diabetes

3. Lowers cholesterol

4. Improves blood circulation 

5. Gives healthy skin