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Li Zhao Xing Visited Dongyu Bio-tech
Jul 13, 2018

Li Zhaoxing, director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress and former Minister of foreign affairs, visited Shaanxi's Dongyu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.


On the morning of September 28, 2015, Li Zhaoxing, the director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress and former Minister of foreign affairs, was accompanied by Ma Shisheng, the Secretary of the county Party committee of Xixiang County, and came to Shaanxi Dongyu ecological tea garden for investigation and guidance.


Mr. Zhang Weiguo, general manager of Dongyu biological Polytron Technologies Inc in Shaanxi, accompanied him to visit the Dongyu fine variety demonstration garden. As soon as he got off, the aroma of Osmanthus fragrans in the garden attracted the interest of director Li and his colleagues. During the tea garden, director Li inquired in detail the history of tea making in Xixiang, the best picking time of the tea tree, the latitude of Dongyu tea garden, the soil and climate conditions needed for tea planting, and Mr. Zhang Weiguo made a detailed explanation. Director Li also fully inquired about the conservation of the water quality of the tea producing tea industry at the source of the south to North Water Diversion Project. Director Li expressed full recognition of the fresh air and suitable tea growing environment in Dongyu tea garden. He said humorously, "the content of negative oxygen ions in the tea garden should be more than 270 times that of the Tiananmen in Beijing." Still joking with the general manager's secretary, "you must work hard! Otherwise, you should go to Beijing for exercise! " A word made everyone laugh.

Subsequently, Mr. Liu Dehu, vice president of production, introduced the production process of tea polyphenols from Dongyu plant in detail for director Li.

Organic tea garden.jpg


When visiting tea polyphenols workshop, director Li asked the difference between tea and coffee. Mr. Liu Dehu, vice president of production, gave detailed answers to Director Li. Director Li takes "Ethiopia sheep" as an example to share with you the discovery and source of coffee. During the period, it was also asked if travellers prefer tea or coffee. When the other side replied, "more like tea," director Li jokes: "well, this proves that her taste is higher than that of sheep." The words made us laugh and the atmosphere of the conversation relaxed and joyful. Mr. Li's impressions of people's attitude and humorous speech made us deeply impressed. Director Li also visited the clean green tea production workshop in Dongyu, and expressed recognition and appreciation for the strict tea making standard and advanced production technology in Dongyu.

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Tea garden tea artists have carefully brewed the Dongyu Hanzhoung Xian Hao for the director of Li Yu. Mr. Zhang Weiguo, the general manager, made a brief introduction to the director of Hanzhong. Director Li has fully affirmed and commended the appearance, Tang color, aroma and taste of Dongyu Xian Hao. At the same time, the "disorder of life -- Li Zhaoxing's family feelings" written by himself is presented to Mr. Zhang Weiguo as a gift. And personally inscribe: "comrade for the country: the only country, long live the people." This is to express the affirmation, admiration and expectation of Mr. Zhang Weiguo and Dongyu company.

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Between time and time, time flies, and then it is time to leave. On parting, director Li told the travellers: "the source water of the Hanjiang River, Bashan cloud and mist tea. Drink two more quickly. It's a pity that such a good tea is wasted! "