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Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Attend The Supplyside West
Oct 09, 2016

On October 7-8, , Supplysiede west was held in Las Vegas,Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech attend the exhibition, on which Dongyu main products - green tea extract was shown to visitors.

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What is Supplyside West?

The exhibition of international plant extracts, health and innovative materials sponsored by the American West Virgo Publishing Inc. (referred as the Supplyside West), mainly display functional food raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetics raw materials and health products raw materials. Supplyside West is the biggest professional exhibition for pharmaceutical and health care material.

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 In order to meet the growing customer demand and market share, more and more manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative, healthy ingredients. As the largest exhibition in the field of health and innovation, Supplyside has built an excellent platform for manufacturers.At present, it has become the first choice for Chinese natural extracts enterprises who are engaged in food, health care products, raw materials.


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During the exhibition,many customers visited Dongyu Booth, shewed great interest in green tea polyphenols, EGCG,EC used as anti-cancer health care products supplements.

At the same time, the participants and the overseas counterparts have made timely contact, and have laid a good foundation for the smooth development of overseas markets.



Dongyu products - pure plant extracts and organic tea polyphenols. 

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