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Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Co., Ltd Established
Nov 20, 2011

In response to the county government goal of developing green industry and making full use of comparative advantage Green Tea industry, to optimize the combination of different industries, and enhance the comprehensive economic benefit of Xixiang Green Tea industry, With full investigation and evaluation, consultation, Shaanxi Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Group and Shaanxi Dongyu Tea Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Dong Yu Industrial Co. Ltd, decided to jointly invest  in the new  company "Shaanxi DongYu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd".


Shaanxi DongYu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is the innovation of science and technology enterprise,specializing in tea industry development, the main business of organic farming, tea clean production and processing, the exploitation of biological resources, plant effective ingredient extraction, tea food, domestic and foreign trade etc..


The company will be completed 100 million yuan investment during 12th Five-Year, complete the construction of Green Tea Industrial Park, the effective components extraction production. After all the projects completed and put into operation, the company is expected to achieve annual sales revenue of 3 hundred million, profits and taxes of 60 million, which can drive 5000 households and provide 500 jobs. This has a positive role in promoting Hanzhong tea industry, scientific and technological cultivation, scientific and technological utilization level, and improving the comprehensive economic and social benefits of Hanzhong tea industry.

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On November 15th, 2011, DongYu Tea Industry - HanJiang Pharmaceutical Group signed Cooperation agreement. Xixiang County People's government set up the project construction leading group, the county magistrate acted as the leader, assistant County Finance Secretary Yu Bin, deputy head of the county people's Congress and CPPCC; and government vice mayor attended and witnessed the signing ceremony, the county magistrate Xiao Gang, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress Lv Yangping made an important speech.



On November 20th, 2011, Shaanxi DongYu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd was successfully established in Hanzhong. The morning of the 10, all shareholders gathered in the meeting of the 16 floor Hanzhoung golden hotel room in accordance with the law, held the first session of the general meeting of shareholders Shaanxi Shaanxi DongYu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd jointly elected the first session of the board of directors, members of the board of supervisors. Then, the first board of directors was convened, and the appointment of the general manager, deputy general manager and chief financial officer was made.