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SHAANXI DONGYU BIO-TECH CO., LTD Participated In The Second China International Tea Fair
May 26, 2018

On May 18, the second China international tea expo opened in hangzhou international expo center. As the world's top industry event, 15 countries, 21 domestic tea production provinces, nearly 1,200 brands of tea enterprises dressed up. Eighteen ministers from 15 countries attended the tea fair in hangzhou. All the good tea in the world are gathered here, with tea as the medium, tea as the friend, and tea as the bridge of friendship and development.


Shaanxi dongyu Bio-tech CO., LTD., on behalf of shaanxi tea enterprises, is honored to participate in the exhibition. Dongyu brand has received high attention and attention from leaders. Wang tao, deputy director of shaanxi provincial agriculture department, and cheng xiaodong, director of shaanxi agricultural exhibition hall came to dongyu booth to taste the Dong brand Chinese Hanzhong Xianhao. Dongyu products have received great attention from shaanxi radio and television station, web celebrity and other media.


The "Dong" brand products of shaanxi dongyu company, such as hanzhong xianhao, hanzhong hong and chrysanthemum, are loved and recognized by tea friends.


"The hanzhong xianhao in this house are fresh and fresh, and they are more mellow. After tasting several of them, the taste of this tea is the best! The buds are fat and strong and have no bitterness. It's good to drink black tea. I opened a tea shop on the other side of liaoning province. "Said a woman who had come to the tea fair to look for a partner.