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The International Sales Association Of Plant Extracts Industry In Shaanxi Has Been Established
Jul 07, 2017

On July 6th, the Commerce Department of Shaanxi Provincethe provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, provincial department, the Provincial Department of agriculture, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Ministry of Commerce of Xi'an office, Xi'an customs, Shaanxi entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, came to Hanzhong and visited Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

The leaders visited our organic tea plantation and modern-clean factory, praised Dongyu Bio-tech for high quality products and science technology innovation, highly appreciated the efforts we made these many years for supporting the poor, and encourage us to keep the work enthusiasm for higher goals.

At same time, our competitors visited our plantation and workshop, and have a short communication about the green tea extract markets . They are confident about Dongyu green tea


On July 7th, the International Sales Association of plant extracts industry in Shaanxi was established.  The officals made speech: Shaanxi Province , the original place of plant extracts, now is one of biggest plant extracts production base, also the biggest plantation base, and the plant extracts export value is 3th all over China. All plant extract companies should work together and make more efforts and progress in product quality and technology innovation.

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