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The Main Ten News Events Of The 2017 Dongyu Company
Jan 10, 2018

2017 is the brand promotion year of Dongyu. Time flies, since 2017 has passed. In this year, a lot of things have taken place as usual. Let's suspend our progress and look back on the past year's record. Looking back, is the whip, is the incentive, is the summary of the planning. Let's make an inventory of 2017 of Dongyu.

1. Provincial, municipal media "catch up surpass" series of interviews into the dongyu tea Garden


2. Hanzhong Municipal Committee, mayor Fangchangwei, had gone to the Dongyu tea garden  for tea industry development research


3.Fu Xingguo, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of human society and director of the State Civil Service Bureau  had gone to the Dongyu tea garden  for  research


4. "Dong" brand of Hanzhong Xianhao, "Dong" brand of roasted Green Tea were awarded the Third Asia Pacific Grand Prix gold, silver award!


5. "Dong" brand value assessment: 82 million 939 thousand and 300 yuan.


6. A series of green tea extracts have been further developed


7.The flagship store in Hanzhong, the most outstanding of gametea


8.To commemorate the "mountain Festival" published 30th anniversary novels and Wang Peng seminar held in Shaanxi Hanzhong Dong Yu Tea


9.Dongyu company through the European and American organic certification, dual system certification


10.The company has been awarded the honorary title of Xixiang county's "enterprise participation in the precise poverty alleviation advanced unit". The company has been widely concerned and praised by the provincial, municipal and county circles.