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The Sixth Western China Multi-National Sourcing Fair
Oct 17, 2017


The sixth Western China Multi-National Sourcing Fair

China (Xi'an) import and Export Commodities Fair

In from October 13th to 15th

Held by Xi'an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center



Invited by Hanzhoung Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Shaanxi Dongyu biological Polytron Technologies Inc

Honorary Exhibition

At the same time, show you the antioxidant master

Dong Yu Tea Polyphenols


What is tea polyphenols?

Tea polyphenols are the general name of polyphenols in tea. It has the function of antioxidant, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of radiation damage, lipid-lowering, digestion, beauty and skin care, refreshing, food preservation and other effects.


"Dong Yu" Tea Polyphenols  


Raw material natural organic


5000 acres of organic tea garden in Dabashan mountain provides high-quality raw materials for the production of tea polyphenols, it is no pesticide residues pollution from the source to ensure the products of natural organic tea polyphenols.



Leading domestic technology


Dong yu company built an advanced tea polyphenols water extraction production line in 2013 and officially put into production in the same year.  Modern high-tech plant uses purification technology of membrane separation and resin adsorption which is the most advanced technology, and leading level in the domestic industry.


Authoritative certification at home and abroad

At present, the eastern margin of production of tea polyphenols has been approved by the provincial food and Drug Administration inspection, testing and certification authority of a number of SGS testing, the European Union and the United States and other organic certification, test results show that the Dong yu tea polyphenols is truly natural, organic and healthy.