Alpha Arbutin Powder

Alpha Arbutin Powder

Product Name: Alpha Arbutin(a-Arbutin)
Botanical Source: Bearberry leaves
Specification: 99.5-99.9%
Test method: HPLC
Appearance: white powder or needle crystal



Product introduction:

Product Name: Alpha Arbutin(a-Arbutin)

Botanical Source: Bearberry leaves


Specification: 99.5-99.9%

Test method: HPLC

Appearance: white powder or needle crystal


Main Function & Usage: 

1. a-Arbutin can be used in cosmetics as whitening agent. Whitening effect of a-arbutin is 15 times more than β-arbutin.

2. Alpha arbutin is similar to beta arbutin (β-arbutin), and can inhibit the deposition of melanin, eliminate stains and freckles

3. Research shows that a-arbutin in relatively low concentrations can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase,and its inhibitory excels β-arbutin.

4. It is good for our enteric disease.

5. It has antiphlogistic and analgesic function to burn and scald.

6. Used in Cosmetic industry: Very Good Products for skin brightening.

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