Yam Root Extract Diosgenin Progesterone Powder

Yam Root Extract Diosgenin Progesterone Powder

Product Name: Wild Yam Extract / Dioscorease rhizome extract
Test Method: HPLC
CAS: 512-04-9
Molecular formula: C27H42O3
Appearance: Fine White powder


Product Name: Wild Yam Extract / Dioscorease rhizome extract

Botanical Source: Dioscorea oppositae thunb.

Active ingredients: Dioscin, Diosgenin

Specification: Diosgenin 6%-98%

Test Method: HPLC

CAS: 512-04-9

EINECS: 208-134-3

Molecular formula: C27H42O3

Appearance: Fine White powder

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1. 1kg/bag, 2kg/bag with double plastic container inside and Aluminum foil bag outside. 

2. 25kg/drum, with double plastic bag and cardboard drum outside. 

Storage: sealed and stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place

Main Function & Usage:

1. With the estrogenic effect, maintain estrogen level at an optimum level.

2. With cosmetic whitening effect, and promote breast growth, alleviate menopausal and menstrual discomfort .

3. With the function of anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, hypocholesterolemic.

4. Used as nutritional supplements. Applied in health food products, beverages, pharmaceutical products, skin care materials. 

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