Dandelion Root Extract Powder

Dandelion Root Extract Powder

Product Name: Dandelion Extract
Botanical Source: Whole herb of Dandelion
Active ingredients: flavone
Specification: Flavone 4%,10:1
Test method: UV, TLC
Appearance: Brown powder


Product Name: Dandelion Extract 

Botanical Source: Whole herb of Dandelion 

Active ingredients: flavone

Specification: Flavone 4%,10:1

Test method: UV, TLC

Appearance: Brown powder

Packaging Details:1kg/bag, foil bag; 25kg/fiber drum

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Main function & usage:

1.Dandelion extract was used to treat liver and gallbladder obstruction,

2.Dandelion extract can improve liver function, promote the secretion of bile and used as a diuretic

3. The extract also used as a flavoring components in various edible products

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