Ginger Root Extract Powder Gingerol

Ginger Root Extract Powder Gingerol

Product name: Ginger root extract
Botanical Source: Ginger Root
Active content: Gingerols
CAS: 23513-14-6
Molecular Formula:C17H26O4
Specification: Gingerols 5% vTest method: HPLCv Grade: Pharmaceutical and food
Appearance: Brown yellow powder


Product name: Ginger root extract

Botanical Source: Ginger Root

Active content: Gingerols

CAS: 23513-14-6

Molecular Formula:C17H26O4

Specification: Gingerols 5%

Test method: HPLC

Grade: Pharmaceutical and food

Appearance: Brown yellow powder

Package: 25kg/drum, inner double plastic bag 

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, avoiding sunlight directly.

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Main Function & Usage: 

1. Gingerols has the function of anti-oxidant, effectively eliminating free radicals;

2. Gingerols can decrease platelet viscosity and accumulation to improve cardiovascular health;

3. Gingerols can be used to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, treat rheumatoid arthritis and hyperosteogeny;

4. Gingerols can release nausea and vomiting symptoms happened in carsickness, pregnancy, postoperation;

5. Gingerols can strengthen intestinal movement, promot blood circulation, treat dyspepsia, constipation, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.

6. Applied in cosmetic field, gingerols used to keep skin speckless and wrinkle-free;

7. Applied in pharmaceutical field, gingerols will help the metabolism;

8. Applied in food field,as the raw material of food, gingerols aslo have the function of detoxication.

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