Rhizoma Alismatis Extract

Rhizoma Alismatis Extract

Rhizom Gastrodiae P.E. ( CAS No:62499-27-8 ) Latin Name : Gastrodia elata Blume Botanical Source: Gastrodia elata Blume Part Used :Tuber Appearance: Brown Powder Active Ingredient: Gastrodin Specification: 10:1 Test Method: UV Molecular Formula:C13H18O7 Molecular Weight:286.28 Suggested...


Rhizom Gastrodiae P.E. (CAS No:62499-27-8) 

Latin Name :Gastrodia elata Blume

Botanical Source: Gastrodia elata Blume 

Part Used :Tuber 

Appearance: Brown Powder 

Active Ingredient: Gastrodin 

Specification: 10:1 

Test Method: UV 

Molecular Formula:C13H18O7

Molecular Weight:286.28

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Suggested Applications :

1.To treat vascular headache.

2.To reduce peripheral blood vessel, cerebrovascular and coronary blood vessel resistance. 

3.To reduce the blood pressure.

4. To slow down heart rate.

Applicable Industries: Medicine,Functional Food 


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