Instant Tea

Dongyu tea grows in Dongyu Ecological tea garden which is located in Qin-Ba Mountain ancient forest of altitude1000 meters. It is the northen-most tea area, where is Large temperature difference between day and night, tea growth period is long, these excellent conditions give the tea rich content and good quality. (2) This instant tea is water soluble, and very convenient for drinking  (3) Organic Shaanxi raw tea, refuse to use any chemical fertilizer, herbicide, plant grow regulator and chemical food additive.  Who is suitable for Black Tea? - White Collar Workers; - Old people; - People with weak stomach; - People with "THREE HIGH", High blood fat, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar; - People who love tea collections; Our Advantages: 1) Original Planting: No pesicides, no fertilizer, pure nature growing; 2) Factory direct wholesale: no middleman, low and reasonable price; 3) Small profits with quick turnover; 4) Fastidious Raw material: handmade picking and careful selections; 5) Welcome to our factory and have a visit!
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