Green Tea Extract Saponin Powder

Green Tea Extract Saponin Powder

Tea Saponin Variety: Camellia oleifera seed Extract Part: Seed Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction Model Number: natural foaming agents Source:Camellia oleifera seed CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular formula: C57H90O26 Molecular weight: 1123.54 Discription: Light yellow to white powder Testing Method:...


Tea Saponin

Variety: Camellia oleifera seed Extract

Part: Seed

Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

Model Number: natural foaming agents

Source:Camellia oleifera seed

CAS NO.: 8047-15-2

Molecular formula: C57H90O26

Molecular weight: 1123.54

Discription: Light yellow to white powder

Testing Method: UV-VIS

Specification: 90%,95%,98%


Tea saponin is an nonionicsurface activeagent, which has strong foaming, emulsifying, dispersing and wetting effects. And the foaming effect is not influenced by the hard water. In addition, it has impermeability, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer activities, which have been used in medicine, food and daily chemical as agents.Tea saponin is a kind

of triterpenoid saponin. We extract the teasaponin from Camellia oleifera Abel.


Function and application:

1 .It has good emulsion, dispersion, and the property of foaming, with impermeability, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer activities.

2.Widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, building materials, food and other industries for detergents,  pesticides, emulsifier, diuretics, and blowing agents, blowing agent, natural foaming agents.

Product advantages:

1). 100% natural Camellia material, and morden- clean processing technology.

2). impurity and no pesticide residue.

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